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HKU is internationally engaged and at the forefront of innovations in both teaching and learning. We are proud to be a member of the edX and Coursera platform and have been offering massive open online courses (MOOCs) for a global audience for free since late 2014. Join our ride.

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E-learning Strategy 2015

The Senate-endorsed E-learning Strategy 2015 describes our updated vision to support high-impact use of technology to enrich learning quality, and guides Faculties and Departments in judiciously setting priorities, experimenting with ideas, and formulating action plans for e-learning. It reaffirms our position to adopt a learner-centred approach which is supported by evidence of student learning experiences and science of learning; and to support the development of technology-enriched models and approaches in order to maximize the impact and potential of HKU’s role in education.

MOOC Development @ HKU

  • Report on MOOC (doc 110/1214)
  • Getting Started with Your Massive Open Online Courses (doc 111/1214)
  • HKU MOOC Checklist (doc 112/1214)
  • Course Proposal Template (doc 363/616) (Word) / (PDF)
  • Reference on Estimated Staff & Time Commitment (doc 114/1214)
  • Course Development Template (doc 115/1214)
  • Production Request Template (doc 116/1214)
  • Consent Forms (doc 312/915)
  • Copyright in course materials for MOOC
  • Support & Resources

    Moodle Resources & Support e-learning Pedagogical Support Unit Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative

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