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Common Core Curriculum @ HKU

Support for Common Core Teachers


Handbooks, Websites, Brochure and Tips for Best Practices

Common Core Office’s Contact

e-learning News, Workshops and Seminars at the University of Hong Kong HKU

Supporting Student Learning through Feedback and Assessment

A series of videos highlighting how technology can be used to help facilitate the feedback process

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Useful Links

Shared Common Core Syllabus Template Language

2020 Call for Course Proposals

Sample Grade Descriptors

Activities for Large Classes

Classroom and Formative Assessment

Inclusive Pedagogies

E-Learning Resources

Experiential Learning

Common Core Forums

Plagiarism and Disciplinary Options

Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL)

Supporting Students with Academic Risks

Disability Accommodations


Common Core Administrative Documents

Maintaining the Equality of Opportunity


Research Integrity


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