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Common Core Curriculum @ HKU

Support for Common Core Teachers


Handbooks, Websites, Brochure and Tips for Best Practices

Common Core Office’s Contact

e-learning News, Workshops and Seminars at the University of Hong Kong HKU

Supporting Student Learning through Feedback and Assessment

A series of videos highlighting how technology can be used to help facilitate the feedback process

Brought to you by e-learning Pedagogical Support Unit

Useful Links

Shared Common Core Syllabus Template Language

2020 Call for Course Proposals

Sample Grade Descriptors

Activities for Large Classes

Classroom and Formative Assessment

Inclusive Pedagogies

E-Learning Resources


Research Integrity

Common Core Forums

Plagiarism and Disciplinary Options

Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL)

Supporting Students with Academic Risks

Disability Accommodations


Common Core Administrative Documents


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