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Blended Learning in Dentistry: 3-D Resources for Problem-based and Case-based Learning


The objectives of the TDG project are to enable students to maximize opportunities for learning by integrate face-to-face and virtual modalities, to enhance student engagement and motivation through further incorporating interactive technologies into the problem-based curriculum and case-based curriculum through BDS I to BDS V, and to extend the use of e-learning in dental case based scenarios by integrating the knowledge they have acquired. The project has already produced outputs of 1 paper publication, 5 conference abstracts and 1 invited speech.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Y. Yang, Faculty of Dentistry Contact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

February 2013


  • Paper publication
    Yang Y., Zhang L. and Bridges S.M. Blended learning in dentistry: 3-D resources for inquiry-based learning, Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal (KM&EL), 2012, 4, 217-230 Download
  • Conference abstracts
    • Yang Y., Ho C.H., Lu J. and Bridges S.M., Effects of students’ perception on their learning efficacy using e-models, South-East Asia Association for Dental Education 24th Annual Scientific Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013. (Awarded 2nd prize of Poster Presentation) Download
    • Yang Y., Zhang L. and Bridges S.M., Students’ perceptions of e-models in PBL tutorials, South-East Asia Association for Dental Education 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting, Hong Kong, 2012 Download
    • Yang Y. and Bridges S.M., Students’ perceptions of virtual models in dental e-learning, South-East Asia Association for Dental Education 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting, Singapore, 2011 Download
    • Yang Y. and Bridges S.M., Using virtual dental models in a transition programme to introduce dentistry to secondary school students, 2011 HKU-SU (Sichuan University) Conjoint Scientific Meeting, 2011 Download
    • Yang Y., Bridges S.M. and Samaranayake L.P., Three-D models for problem-based learning in dentistry, 7th International Conference on PBL in Dentistry, 2011 Download
  • Invited speech
    Yang Y., Electronic study models: a new mode of dental records, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012

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