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Assessment and Feedback

Assessment and Feedback – Develop Discipline-Based Assessment and Feedback Resources by Identifying Good Practices in the Faculty of Business and Economics (B&E) and the Faculty of Science at HKU and Other Overseas Universities


The main aim of this project is to help teachers to shift their traditional ways of educating our students in universities particularly in the Business, Engineering and Science disciplines from an intense knowledge-pouring mindset to a more enquiry independent based approach. This is by providing provocative assessment and feedback that are currently being employed in many high ranking research intensive universities. We put together cases from all around the world to showcase the challenges teachers often encounter in and out of classrooms such as resources, policy, time constraints and lack of motivation from both teachers and students. The project has allowed the PI and team to build a number of communities of practices particularly in the disciplines Engineering, Business and Science through the website platforms.

Principal Investigator

Dr. C.K.Y. Chan, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Contact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

December 2015


  1. Websites:
    1. Assessment Resources: Ar.cetl.hku.hk
    2. Engineering Education Enhancement and Research Asia: e3r.cetl.hku.hk
  2. Engineering and Business leaflets (upon request)

Please contact Dr. C.K.Y. Chan, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (cecilia.chan@cetl.hku.hk) if you are interested in obtaining more information on this project.

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