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Teaching Development Grants
Completed TDG Projects

Common Core Curriculum

Buddhist Visions in World Cinema

Principal Investigator

Dr. G.T. Halkias, Centre of Buddhist Studies, Faculty of Arts Contact

Project Completion

December 2017


  1. Course Resources: identify required and optional readings (articles, chapters) from academic sources and other publications; finalize list of required and optional films and documentaries; explore websites, social media links and YouTube videos related to the course. 
  2. Weekly Course Materials: prepare PowerPoint presentations and handouts; select discussion questions and film clips to be shown in class; identify tutorial and class assignments, assessment guidelines and resources for writing critical essays, designing group projects, and monitoring self-progress.
  3. Online Platforms: explore and implement online platforms (i.e., Moodle, Google Classroom, etc.) for disseminating material and strengthening class participation.
  4. Tutorials: design tutorial sessions as pedagogical extensions of the lectures.
  5. Assessment Standards: evaluate modes of student assessment and grade standards.

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