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Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning

Internationalization of Hong Kong-based Politics Courses


As a tertiary institution based in Hong Kong, HKU naturally offers a range of courses on the specific case of Hong Kong. However, these courses might not offer enough focus on issues of global relevance, and might be less engaging with foreign (including exchange and non-local undergraduate) students who are less familiar with local conditions. This project aims to explore how the curriculums of such courses could be “internationalized” with reference to two courses offered by the Department of Politics and Public Administration: POLI3020 Hong Kong Politics and POLI3035 Public Administration in Hong Kong. Upon project completion, the curriculum is expected incorporate more international, comparative elements. Students with less background knowledge would find the materials more accessible, while those who are familiar with the case of Hong Kong could enhance their understanding of the wider academic literature and other cases. This project seeks to promote knowledge exchange, intercultural understanding, and global citizenship among students.

Principal Investigator

Dr. M.Y.H. Wong, Faculty of Social Sciences Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

June 2017


  1. Hong Kong Politics Database: https://sites.google.com/site/mathewyhwong/hong-kong-politics-database
  2. Wikipedia entries related to Hong Kong politics expanded and updated Download
  3. Internationalized curriculum for POLI3020 and POLI3035
  4. Updated course syllabi Download
  5. Translated course materials for two Hong Kong courses
  6. Internationalization of Hong Kong Politics Workshop Download
  7. Handouts prepared by the guest speakersDownload
  8. Teaching Case developed for the courses Download
  9. Surveys conducted on course effectiveness and learning experience

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