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Teaching and Learning @ HKU

Institutional Surveys of Student Learning Experiences

HKU conducts institutional surveys on students’ learning experiences for undergraduates and taught postgraduates on a regular basis to yield information for analysis and renewal of curriculum and pedagogy. These analyses help ensure and enhance the quality of students’ learning experiences. The University’s Teaching and Learning Evaluation and Measurement Unit is in charge of the administration, analysis and reporting of the student learning experience surveys.


Each year, all first and final year undergraduate students are invited to complete the Student Learning Experience Questionnaire – Undergraduate (SLEQ – UG). The aim of this survey is to collect data about undergraduate students’ perceptions on the achievement of their educational aims and their learning experience at HKU, with a focus on their experience of the degree curriculum as a whole.

In response to Faculties’ request, the SLEQ – UG2 was introduced in April 2014 for administration to second year students under the new 4-year curriculum.

In the past, HKU conducted a survey to gather information about HKU entrants’ learning experiences at secondary school and their expectations about the learning that they will experience at HKU. The survey findings helped ensure that we provided a learning environment that would help students realize their intellectual potential.

Other HKU institutional surveys of student learning experiences cover specific areas including international education, experiential learning, service learning and volunteer work. These are conducted when necessary.


At the postgraduate level, the Student Learning Experience Questionnaire − Taught Postgraduate (SLEQ − TPG) seeks student perceptions of the curriculum and the learning outcomes resulting from the programme, containing questions that are specific for the taught-postgraduate curricula to cater for the characteristics of taught postgraduate programmes. The collected data are used to provide feedback to enhance the programme quality.

Graduates and Employers

Once every two years, HKU conducts Learning Experience Questionnaire for Graduates (GLEQ) to understand their experiences during their full-time study of the Bachelor’s degree at HKU. Two different cohorts are invited in each round and the survey findings will be used to inform the University’s curriculum renewal. Surveys are also conducted with HKU graduates’ employers to understand their overall impression on HKU graduates.

GLEQ Key Findings

Employer Survey Key Findings

Sample Questionnaires

Institutional Survey Reports System

The Institutional Survey Reports System was launched on January 17, 2011 to serve as the online platform for Faculties to retrieve institutional survey results from the Student Learning Experience Questionnaire (SLEQ) and other institutional surveys on students’ learning experiences. This System will enable Faculties to retrieve survey results and generate reports at curriculum and programme levels. Standard report templates are also available for downloading results for the scales and the individual items.

The System can be accessed by academic staff and those administrative staff who have been granted access rights. Please follow the path below.

HKU Portal > My Page > Self Service > Teaching & Learning > Institutional Survey Reports

Faculties are also welcome to contact Dr. Maggie Zhao of the Teaching and Learning Evaluation and Measurement Unit at myzhao @ for support in interpreting and utilizing SLEQ data, and Ms. Yvonne Chan at chanyyw @ for technical support in using the System.

To download the User Manual, please click here.