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Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL)

Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL)

The Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL) questionnaire is one of the ways in which HKU courses and teaching are evaluated. In addition to core SETL items approved by the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee, Faculty-specific items may be included in the questionnaire if necessary. Students complete this questionnaire at the end of each course.

The University’s Social Sciences Research Centre (SSRC) is charged with the responsibility of developing and operating a centralized system for the printing and processing of the SETL questionnaire. Findings are provided to Faculties, which will formulate action plans to address any identified issues for the purpose of enhancing teaching and learning. When formulating action plans, Faculties also take into account the outcomes of the HKU Learning Experience Questionnaire (SLEQ). See the next section for more information about the SLEQ.

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