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Chit-and-Chatting, Mix and Matching for Teaching and Learning Get-Together 唧唧喳喳論學術 (1)​ / 4d ago
Organised by Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) Details of the workshop: Date : 6 April, 2017 (Thursday) Time : 1:00pm – 2:00pm Venue : Room 321, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building (Main Campus), HKU Facilitator : Dr. Cecilia Chan, Head of Professional Development, CETL, HKU Abst
HKU Students Embark on Leadership Training Linked to UN Sustainable Development Goals / 4d ago
[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1vYybOxIME[/embedyt] The HKU-Common Purpose Leadership Development Programme (LDP) 2017, in its inaugural year, has enrolled 82 students from Hong Kong, Mainland China and many other parts of the world. The Programme features a cultural intelligence online modu
Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Fund 2017/18 (First Round): For academics and students / 6d ago
Dear colleagues, The Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre is inviting applications for the Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Fund 2017/18 (First Round). The funding supports Faculties to introduce, expand or enhance experiential learning in their undergraduate curricula. The projects may or may not be credit
The Role of Higher Education: Lessons from Minerva / 1w ago
There are two things higher education institutions must do when guiding their students in learning. First, we should teach students how to transfer their critical thinking skills from one context to another. Second, we must engage students in active learning and deep processing to develop their capabilities. Mi
Staff Teaching Space Experience Survey – 2017 / 1w ago
Message from Professor Ian Holliday, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Teaching & Learning) Dear Colleagues, Staff Teaching Space Experience Survey - 2017 IT Services will be conducting an online Teaching Space Experience Survey on behalf of the University for a 3 week, commencing on Monday 20th M
Materials in Oral Health – upcoming MOOC by the Faculty of Dentistry / 1w ago
Explore the “secrets” of dental materials and digital dentistry together in the Materials in Oral Health MOOC offered by the best dental school in the world. [embedyt]https://youtu.be/PUlrMRop3I8[/embedyt] Click here if you cannot access Youtube. We all need healthy teeth, don’t we? Have you ever w
Learning begins at the end of your comfort zone / 1w ago
“[The] place where knowledge formation occurs is right at that edge where you do not know what’s going to happen. If you did, it would just be repetition, it wouldn’t be discovery […] students get very excited at that moment,” said Professor Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, Director of Common Core (CC), after Profe
Award Presentation Ceremony for Excellence in Teaching, Research and Knowledge Exchange 2016 / 2w ago
Invitation to the 2016 Ceremony   The President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong requests the pleasure of your company at the Award Presentation Ceremony for Excellence in Teaching, Research and Knowledge Exchange Monday, March 27, 2017 Plaque Unveiling , 4:30 p.m. Plaque of Hon
Reimagining a Quality Space for Learning / 2w ago
TELI recently worked with The Libraries to turn Level 3 of the Main Library a quality space for conducting the Tort Law flipped class. Student feedback was largely positive, commending Level 3 as an ideal place for interactive learning. Learn more about the success story here (extracted from FOCUS, The University o
Interdisciplinary resource-sharing and learning: the case of SCNC1111 / 2w ago
Have you been in situations where your students lack knowledge on how to present and analyze data but your course contents are so packed that there’s no extra time to teach or elaborate further on how to use statistical tools? Yet, data analysis skills should not be overlooked, as it plays an important role acros
Teaching Development Grants (TDG) 2017 / 3w ago
Applications are now invited for the Teaching Development Grants (TDGs). TDGs are intended to support projects and activities that will have an impact on the strategic development and promotion of Teaching and Learning (T&L). As a new measure to ensure alignment of TDG proposals with T&L strategies at Faculty level,
Learning Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone: Sharing by the Common Core CCST9003 Team / 3w ago
Organised by Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative (TELI) Date : March 7, 2017 (Tuesday) Time : 12:45pm - 2pm Venue : Room 321, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building (Main Campus) Speakers : Professor Ricky Kwok (Course Co-ordinator and Teacher), Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Enginee
2017 UGC Teaching Award / 3w ago
The UGC invites annually nominations from institutions on its UGC Teaching Award, which is established to honour staff in the UGC sector who excel in teaching. The current Scheme consists of two categories: (1) general faculty members/teams; and (2) early career faculty members (open to individuals only). Each Un
Identifying and Assessing the Student Learning Outcomes in Residential College System / 3w ago
Organised by Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) Details of the workshop: Date : 9 March, 2017 (Thursday) Time : 1:00pm – 2:00pm Venue : Room 321, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building (Main Campus), HKU Speaker : Chair Prof. Haydn Chen, Vice Rector (Student Affairs), University of Macau F
Celebrating the Roaring Start of Dinosaur Ecosystems / 3w ago
Our Dinosaur Ecosystems MOOC began with YOU! To celebrate the launch of the first MOOC on dinosaur in Asia, our course instructor, Dr. Michael Pittman, hosted a party with Professor Yongqiang Zong, Head of Department of Earth Sciences and Professor Ricky Kwok, Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) o
Have a taste of HKU by taking a SPOC – a successful first run / 3w ago
In December last year, we were excited to take over 200 local secondary students on the adventurous trip of our first SPOC - Critical Readings of Popular Culture! In the six-week self-paced course, students planned their learning sequence and schedule by themselves. They watched the required learning units to acqui
Recognizing T&LEMU as the newest NEQMAP institutional member / 1m ago
The Teaching & Learning Evaluation and Measurement Unit (T&LEMU) is excited to announce its recent acceptance as an institutional member of NEQMAP. Established in 2013 and facilitated by UNESCO Bangkok, NEQMAP stands for the Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia-Pacific. As a NEQMAP institu
Free Online Course on Everyday Computing for Secondary School Students / 1m ago
Everyday Computing aims to teach you how to make informed decisions in this information age. It is expected that everyone needs to have an efficient way to sift through and evaluate the myriads of information that is available through the Internet. The ultimate objective of this course is to help students develop a
Free Online Course on Mental Health for Secondary School Students / 1m ago
Are you a prospective university student? Have you thought of what major you want to study in the future? What do HKU students learn in class? Our Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) are here to give you a real taste of university courses. HKU is now providing two SPOCs taught by our very own Professors - Journ
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