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Using e-learning to Support Teaching and Learning
In Case of a Pandemic Outbreak or Class Suspension

If there is a pandemic outbreak or class suspension, how can you continue with your studies?

Check your email regularly

The University disseminates official announcements to your HKU Connect email account. So, check your messages regularly. If you use another email account more often, consider forwarding your HKU Connect messages to that account. If you have forgotten your HKU Connect account password, reset a new one. You can also check HKU’s official website or HKU’s official Facebook Page for announcements.

Know how to contact your teacher

Do you have your teachers’ contact information(email or telephone)? This may become useful in the event of class cancellation in case of a pandemic. If you need to find a teacher’s contact information, search the HKU Staff Communications Directory.

Utilize HKU Libraries’ Electronic Resources

HKU Libraries has a large collection of electronic resources, including ebooks, ejournals and academic articles.  These are available for remote access upon HKU Portal authentication. Visit the Libraries homepage and use Find@HKUL to gather pertinent materials in support of your learning.  For more in-depth literature search, you can choose relevant databases from the Electronic Resources page.

Collaborate with your peers with online learning tools

You may make use of online tools (e.g. Google Docs) to remotely collaborate on group projects with your peers. Learn how to facilitate your work with online learning tools at HKU Edtech Extra.

HKU Guidelines and Protocols on Pandemic Outbreak

The University has also prepared a page on Pandemic and Influenza providing information on preventive measures, action plans, guidelines, and campus notices.


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