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1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Outcomes Based Approach to Student Learning
1.3 Graduate attributes
1.4 Regulations and student handbooks for undergraduate and taught postgraduate curricula
1.5 Common features of undergraduate curricula
1.6 Language provision and support
1.7 Teaching-research nexus
1.8 Common features of taught postgraduate curricula

2. Framework for Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement

2.1 Approach and guiding principles
2.2 Governance and administration
2.3 Roles and responsibilities

3. Curriculum Development and Approval

3.1 Development and approval of new curricula
3.2 Development and approval of new disciplinary courses
3.3 Changes to existing taught curricula, programmes and disciplinary courses
3.4 Suspension and sun-setting arrangements
3.5 Approval processes for Common Core and language enhancement courses
3.6 Approval processes for HKU Horizons programme
3.7 Approval processes for Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc) core courses
3.8 Approving authorities for curriculum matters

4. Monitoring and Review of Teaching and Learning Quality

4.1 Monitoring and review
4.2 Quality enhancement and improvement
4.3 Institutional surveys of student learning experiences
4.4 Student evaluation of teaching and learning
4.5 External Examiners and international benchmarking
4.6 Professional accreditation and external benchmarking
4.7 Faculty-level consultations with students and other stakeholders
4.8 Programme Learning Outcome Achievement Scheme
4.9 Curriculum reviews
4.10 Faculty Development Plans
4.11 Academic reviews of Faculties and other institutes/schools/centres/units
4.12 Quality Assurance Council audits

5. Assessment Policy and Regulations

5.1 University Assessment Policy
5.2 Procedures and regulations
5.3 Appeals against results of examinations or other forms of assessment
5.4 Academic integrity and plagiarism

6. Recognition and Development of Teaching Excellence

6.1 Approach
6.2 Recognition and reward of good teaching
6.3 Staff professional development and support
6.4 Teaching Development Grant

7. Teaching and Learning Support and Student Resources

7.1 Approach
7.2 Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
7.3 Common Core Curriculum
7.4 Experiential learning
7.5 E-learning
7.6 Communication-intensive Courses
7.7 Academic advising
7.8 First Year Experience and academic induction
7.9 HKU Horizons Office
7.10 Centre of Development and Resources for Students
7.11 Residential education
7.12 Centre for Sports and Exercise
7.13 University Health Service
7.14 Students with special educational needs
7.15 Classrooms and IT services
7.16 Libraries
7.17 Centre for Applied English Studies
7.18 School of Chinese
7.19 Student Information System
7.20 Discrimination and harassment
7.21 Student complaints and grievances

8. Research Postgraduate Education

8.1 Introduction
8.2 Organisational structure of research postgraduate education
8.3 Educational aims and learning outcomes for research postgraduate education
8.4 Regulations and procedures
8.5 Good practices and guidelines
8.6 Quality assurance and quality enhancement

9. Professional Doctorates

9.1 Introduction
9.2 Quality assurance framework
9.3 Admissions
9.4 Progress monitoring
9.5 Student feedback

Abbreviations and Acronyms


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