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Abbreviations and Acronyms

AAO Academic Advising Office
AB Academic Board
AC Achievement Card
AGAR Advisory Group on Academic Reviews
BoE Board of Examiners
BoGS Board of Graduate Studies
BOOC Blended online on-campus course
CAES Centre for Applied English Studies
CC Common Core
CCELE Committee on Chinese and English Language Enhancement
CEDARS Centre of Development and Resources for Students
CETL Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
CiC Communication-intensive Courses
CLO Course Learning Outcome
DRPC Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee
ECTA Early Career Teaching Award
ECTS European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System
EPSU E-learning Pedagogical Support Unit
FHDC Faculty Higher Degrees Committee
FTLQC Faculty Teaching and Learning Quality Committee
FYE First Year Experience
FYEC First Year Experience Committee
GHELC Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre
HKDSEE Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
ILO Institutional Learning Outcome
ITS Information Technology Services
MOOC Massive open online course
MPhil Master of Philosophy
OBASL Outcomes Based Approach to Student Learning
OTA Outstanding Teaching Award
PD Professional Doctorate
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
PLO Programme Learning Outcome
PLOAP Programme Learning Outcome Assessment Plan
PLOAR Programme Learning Outcome Achievement Report
PRD Performance Review and Development
QA Quality assurance
QAC Quality Assurance Council
QE Quality enhancement
RPg Research postgraduate
SETL Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning
SIS Student Information System
SLEQ-TPG Student Learning Experience Questionnaire – Taught Postgraduate
SLEQ-UG Student Learning Experience Questionnaire – Undergraduate
SPOC Small private online course
SSRC Social Sciences Research Centre
T&L Teaching and Learning
T&LEMU Teaching and Learning Evaluation and Measurement Unit
TDG Teaching Development Grant
TEAS Teaching Excellence Award Scheme
TEC Thesis Examining Committee
TELI Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative
TFA Teaching Feedback Award
TIA Teaching Innovation Award
TLQC Teaching and Learning Quality Committee
TPg Taught postgraduate
UDTA University Distinguished Teaching Award
Ug Undergraduate
UGC University Grants Committee
URFP Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme


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