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Horizons Project Mingde is a university-wide “to-build-and-to-serve” experiential learning programme – built on Project Mingde initiated by the Department of Civil Engineering – that mobilizes teachers and student from all 10 Faculties to apply their disciplinary knowledge and skills to improve impoverished communities on the Mainland. The programme is designed to:

  • apply academic theories into real-world practice in a complex and dynamic environment
  • equip HKU students to become global citizens, self-initiaters, critical thinkers, and socially conscious and responsible citizens of Hong Kong and the world
  • allow students to seek opportunity for creativity and reflection
  • gain remarkable experience living in rural China
  • build relationships with others to pose and solve problems collaboratively

Teachers from relevant Faculties will engage in pre- and post-trip guidance, supervision and assessment as well as project review and enhancement.

Current Projects

Project Mingde Student Association (PMSA) scholarship program

To encourage and reward academic excellence and exemplary behaviour for primary students in Guangxi, Project Mingde Student Association (PMSA) has since 2018 initiated and started a student-initiated scholarship program.
The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the selection criteria set out as follows:
– academic performance
– other qualities, such as leadership, personality and sense of responsibility
For those who wish to participate, please contact our office. Students from all Faculties are welcome.


Project Guigang, a new composite building

Supported by the PAN Foundation, Horizons Mingde is working with the local government authorities to improve the educational facilities and teacher quality in the poorer rural area in Guigang.

Project Timeline

Past Events

Project Mingde Student Association (PMSA) summer camp 2019 co-organized with Education Society (HKUSU)

Date : May 26-31, 2019
Number of students : Up to 15
Participating faculty : all Faculties welcome

Experience Summer in Guangxi 2018

Date : July 1-8, 2018
Number of students : 10
Participating faculty : Business, Dentistry, Education, Science, Medicine

With the support of CAES, the students spent 6 days in the villages to carry out a series of activities such as teaching English at a primary school, promoting health and dental care to the local communities, visiting different ethnic minorities in the area. HKU students also had the opportunity to learn fishing and farming from the locals.

Experience Summer in Guangxi 2019

Date : July 1-7, 2019
Number of students : Up to 15
Participating faculty : all Faculties welcome

The “Project Mingde Student Association (PMSA) summer camp 2019” is co-organized with Education Society (HKUSU), students spent 6 days in Wangdong & Rongshui, Liuzhou, Guangxi to experience local village life, and fostering cultural exchange by participating in voluntary teaching in primary school and design interactive games to play with local students.

Build & Design Early Childhood Education (ECE) classroom in Rongshui

Date : July 27-August 5, 2018
Number of students : 6
Participating faculty : Faculty of Education (PGDE), Department of Civil Engineering

A collaboration between the ECE class in Education and the Department of Civil Engineering. The students spent 10 days in Rongshui to design and renovate a traditional classroom into a favorable environment for training local ECE teachers. In addition, students spent time in a local kindergarten to conduct various activities and workshop to exchange experience and knowledge with the locals.

Dental Outreach Project in Guangxi

Date : Aug 12-21, 2018
Number of students : 15
Participating faculty : Faculty of Dentistry

Students spent 10 in Guangxi to provide dental examinations and oral hygiene education to the villages in Wangdong Country. They managed to screen over 150 people in a period of 4 days. After the service, they visited the dental school at the Guangxi Medical University in Nanning to meet with their local students to learn about the current policy and practice in China.


To construct, serve and support impoverished communities on the Mainland by building community facilities and serve the local communities through teaching, health and dental care.


All year round – with each trip to last for about two weeks


Guangxi, China


Up to 100 students in 2018 and 125 students in 2019

Strategic Partner and Sponsor

Lee Hysan Foundation


Short trips will take place during the Reading Week and public holidays while long trip of up to 8 weeks will be scheduled to summer time


Each participant will be responsible for 20% of the expenses, which is about RMB300-500 per trip


Applications open all year round

For enquiry, please contact Ms. Anila Ma at