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Using e-learning to Support Teaching and Learning
In Case of a Pandemic Outbreak or Class Suspension


If there is a pandemic outbreak or class suspension, how can you continue with your teaching?

Keep in contact with your students

Communicating by email or online avoids infection. Communicate with your students online if meeting face-to-face is not possible. Do encourage your students to check their HKU Connect email account for official University notices, as well as announcements of course arrangement from teachers. Students who use other email accounts should be reminded to forward messages from their HKU Connect account to their primary email accounts that they check regularly.  If you have a Moodle course, you may conduct online discussions on Moodle’s forums to facilitate student interaction. You can also establish synchronous online discussions through Adobe Connect or Zoom to simulate classroom discussions.

Utilize HKU Libraries’ electronic resources

HKU Libraries has a large collection of electronic resources, including ebooks, ejournals and academic articles.  These are available for remote access upon HKU Portal authentication. Visit the Libraries homepage and use Find@HKUL to find pertinent materials in support of your teaching.  You can build a list of recommended readings using ReadingList@HKUL and embed the list in your Moodle course.  If you need assistance, please Ask-a-librarian.

Make learning materials available online for students

You may upload your teaching materials to Moodle for students to access and download (Details). Alternatively, you can upload files to online cloud services such as Google Drive or DropBox. Tips on utilizing free online resources can be found at HKU Edtech Extra. You can learn how to develop an interactive online course by exploring training course. If you want to develop an interactive online course for your students but not sure where to start, here is a short training course which will teach you all the basics: Interactive Online Learning

Create online instructional videos

You may produce your own instructional videos, make them available online for students to learn, in case they cannot come to school. Panopto can be used to record videos of your lectures in HKU classrooms (Details), which you can use as instructional material for distance learning. Alternatively, you can upload videos to online video platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo, and privacy settings can be managed to make your videos private. If you want to create online lectures, explore the Interactive Online Learning training course, or learn skills of shooting video lectures with the Video Production Training course.

Please observe the University’s guidelines on recording of lectures and other classroom activities in the production and management of recordings.

Make online assessment arrangements

Student assignments, projects and reports can be collected through email or online learning platforms (e.g. Moodle). Or you can consider postponing submission deadlines, which you have to clearly announce to your students. Online assessments are another alternative, and you can learn how to set them up by exploring the Interactive Online Learning training course.

HKU Guidelines and Protocols on Pandemic Outbreak

The University Health Service has also prepared a page on Public Health, Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases Preparedness and Response, providing information on preventive measures, action plans, guidelines, and campus notices.