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Congratulations to all winners!

Teaching Excellence Awards 2012

Outstanding Teaching Award (OTA) Individual Award

Outstanding Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching & Research 2012 Presentation Video by  


Dr CHAN Lap Ki

Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education & Department of Anatomy
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
I try to create an environment in which students can feel comfortable to explore their minds, to think, and to find out what is right themselves.   Read on

Dr Gary James HARFITT

Faculty of Education
The more I teach the more I realise that the key to effective teaching is recognising the students’ needs above my own. Teaching does not need to be complicated; good teaching comes from the heart.   Read on

Dr LAM Shui Fong

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences
I apply my research findings in my teaching. I hope that my students are reflective and caring learners who can construct knowledge collaboratively through the engagement in meaningful and authentic learning tasks.   Read on

Miss Alice LEE Suet Ching

Department of Law, Faculty of Law
Learning is not and should not be something alien or unrelated to students’ daily life. To be able to motivate them, I have to know my students well.   Read on

Dr Robert Shannan PECKHAM

School of Humanities (History), Faculty of Arts
As a teacher, I have striven to develop an experiential and interactive learning environment, where students recognise issues as multi-faceted and develop an agility to see around problems. As a historian, my aim is also to sensitise students to different kinds of texts and their contexts, and to instill a confidence that research is not the exclusive preserve of the ‘professional’. On the contrary, students themselves can – and do – make meaningful contributions to scholarship, developing persuasive, original arguments of their own.   Read on

Mr Mathew Robert PRYOR

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture
Maintaining a close dialogue with students and alumni and their feedback has helped me understand that I could achieve far greater success by ‘teaching through practice’, i.e. getting students out of standard classroom settings and lecture formats and into everyday physical environments where the landscape itself becomes a teaching tool, and allowing them to experience the practice of landscape architecture, to interact directly with practitioners and to understand their experience of it.   Read on

Outstanding Teaching Award (OTA) Team Award

Outstanding Teaching Award (Team) for Excellence in Teaching & Research 2012 Presentation Video by  

Professor Edward LO Chin Man, Dr Peter TSANG Chiu Shun, Dr Susan Margaret BRIDGES (Leader), Dr Rory Munro WATT, Professor Cynthia YIU Kar Yung, Dr Michael George BOTELHO, Dr YANG Yanqi and Miss Jessica WONG Wai (From left to right)
Faculty of Dentistry
A critical issue at any level of education is the interface between the pedagogy and the technology in enhancing student learning outcomes[...] The team’s vision of a blended approach, therefore, has been to motivate digital-age learners and to enhance the problem-based aspects of the curriculum with a focus on heightened visualisations and technological interactivity during face-to-face tutorials in PBL tutorial rooms whilst also expanding online resources for self-directed learning.   Read on
Dr Edmund LAM Yin Mun , Dr Hayden SO Kwok Hay (Leader) and Dr Kenneth WONG Kin Yip    (From left to right)
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
It is very valuable to provide the students a learning experience that sparks their enthusiasm and creativity to apply their knowledge to face new challenges and tackle new problems[...] we work to foster an active learning environment so that the students can develop a lifelong learning mindset in preparation for the rapidly changing field, and we make team work a central focus where they can build the habit of collaborations and critical self-evaluation of one’s own strengths and weaknesses through the open-ended Rube Goldberg machine project.   Read on

Faculty Teaching Awards

Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Architecture Teaching Award
Dr LEE Ho Yin, Department of Architecture
Ms Eunice SENG Mei Feng, Department of Architecture

Faculty of Arts
Faculty Teaching Excellence Award
Dr Vichy HO Wai Chi, School of Chinese
Dr TSE Yiu Kay, School of Chinese

Faculty of Business and Economics
Faculty Outstanding Teacher Award (Undergraduate Teaching)
Dr Alex CHAN Wing Ho, School of Economics and Finance
Dr LEUNG Siu Ching, School of Business
Faculty Outstanding Teacher Award (Taught Postgraduate Teaching)
Mr David Lorin BISHOP, School of Business
Dr MENG Rujing, School of Economics and Finance

Faculty of Dentistry
Outstanding Teacher Award
Dr May WONG Chun Mei, Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Education
Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award - Individual
Dr Gary James HARFITT, Faculty of Education
Dr Lawrence NG Manwa, Faculty of Education
Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award - Team
Dr Anita WONG Mei Yin, Dr Karen CHAN Man Kei, Dr LAW Sam Po, Dr Estella MA Pui Man, Professor Donald Bradley MCPHERSON, Dr Lawrence NG Manwa, Dr Lydia SO Kam Hoi, Dr TO Kit Sum, Dr TONG Xiuli, Professor Brendan Stuart WEEKES, Professor Tara Loraine WHITEHILL, Dr Lena WONG Lai Nar and Professor Edwin YIU Man Lai ,Faculty of Education
Faculty of Engineering
Best Teacher Award
Dr Scott Thomas SMITH, Department of Civil Engineering
Dr Hayden SO Kwok Hay, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Professor TSE Tsun Him, Department of Computer Science
Dr WONG LUI King Shan, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Law
Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award
Mr CHOW Wai Shun, Department of Professional Legal Education
Ms Katherine Louise LYNCH, Department of Law
Dr Marco WAN Man Ho, Department of Law

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
Faculty Teaching Medal
Dr Julie CHEN Yun, Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education
Dr Jenny LAM Ka Wing, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy
Dr Janice TSANG Wing Hang, Department of Clinical Oncology

Faculty of Science
Award for Teaching Excellence
Professor Jimmy JIAO Jiu Jiu, Department of Earth Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences
Social Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award
Dr Michael Charles ADORJAN, Department of Sociology
Dr LAM Shui Fong, Department of Psychology

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