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Online Learning Support from AAO

Message from Academic Advising Office of the Registry

Dear students and colleagues,

The COVID-19 pandemic and the online mode of teaching and learning have brought significant challenges to many students. To support students’ learning, AAO has launched a number of initiatives to help them cope with the difficulties to study online at home. Colleagues are welcome to refer your students to our resources if deemed appropriate:

More channels for advising: We provide one-on-one advising to students via TELEPHONE, WHATSAPP PHONE and ZOOM. Students can make appointment with us at For enquiries and quick questions, apart from emails, students can also WhatsApp us at 5413 6321.

Tips from senior students on online learning: We had collected very practical tips from “AAO Friends”, who are senior students, on attending online classes, preparing online submissions, and more importantly, how to handle online exams. Students can check out the tips at our website ( or visit our social media platforms (Facebook (hkuaao)/ IG (aao_hku)/ Weibo (香港大學學業指導處)).

Major minor selection online resources: To help undecided students choose their majors/minors in the coming academic year, AAO has transformed our “Major Minor Week” activities to a multi-format platform ( ) where you can find:

  • Full list of available majors/minors in the University;
  • Video talks by AAO Advisers on how to select majors/minors and declaration procedures;
  • Study experience sharing: A database of over 100 student advisers in different majors/ minors whom fellow students can contact via email (Login Required); and
  • “What-If” function in Degree Audit to test out different major/minor combinations

Expected Cumulative GPA Calculator: Still considering Letter/PF grading/Late Drop options for your courses? This popular tool can help students project the impact of different assessment choices on their target GPA. Give it a try! (

Check out our range of online study resources at and stay tuned to our emails on more resources! For enquiries, please contact us at / 3917 0128.

Best regards,
Academic Advising Office