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Your One-stop Exploration Platform: Major Minor Week 2023
To prepare for major/minor declaration and course enrollment planning for your potential major/minor during the add-drop period, please don’t miss the upcoming “Major Minor Week 2023” organized by Academic Advising Office (AAO) from 16 January – 20 January 2023 (first week of the second semester, face-to-face). It provides ample opportunities for you to obtain advice and information that could facilitate your decision making.
Major Minor Week 2023 is the one-stop platform for students to explore different major and minor options both within and outside their home Faculty. Colleagues please encourage your students to join us! 

Opening Talk – “Your Studies and Career: What to Consider”

Should I choose a major that helps find job? 
Are double majors always better in the eye of employers?
Advisers from AAO and CEDARS (Careers and Placement Section) will help students understand the relationship between studies and career, how to select majors/ minors and how to prepare for future career. This seminar will be held in a hybrid mode to make it most accessible for you! Come join us to kick start your exploration journey with us in the Major Minor Week!
Date:      16 January 2023 (Monday)
Time:     12:30pm – 2:00pm
Format:  Hybrid-mode
    • Face to Face at Digital Interactive Lab, 2/F Main Library
    • Live broadcast via ZOOM
Seats for on-site participation are available on a first-come, first-served basis according to the sequence of your registration. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon successful registration. 


Faculty-based Sharing Sessions

Want to meet with senior students who are doing the majors that you are considering / exploring the majors that you haven’t think of? 
Every day of the week, senior students from various majors/ minors will be sharing their first-hand experience towards the subject and their decision making process at the Faculty-based sharing session. Faculty office staff will also address students’ questions regarding requirements, policies and regulations while AAO Advisers hand out more tips and online tools for selecting majors/ minors.

Period:    16 January – 20 January 2023 (Monday – Friday)
Time:       5:30pm – 6:30pm
Format:   Face-to-face
Venue:     Digital Interactive Lab, 2/F Main Library
Dates:                    Majors/Minors offering Faculty:
16 January (Mon)   Arts

17 January (Tue)    Business and Economics

18 January (Wed)   Engineering

19 January (Thu)    Science

20 January (Fri)      Social Sciences

Common Core Office Sharing Session on Transdisciplinary Minors

Common Core Office and its student representatives will be hosting a sharing session as well to introduce the Transdisciplinary Minors.
Date:      20 January 2023 (Friday)
Time:     12:30pm – 1:30pm
Format:  Face-to-face
Venue:   Digital Interactive Lab, 2/F Main Library
*If you are interested in the minors offered by Architecture and Medicine, please click HERE to fill in the form and your questions will be forwarded to these Faculties for answering. And if you have questions regarding minor programmes from Faculty of Education, please contact the Faculty Office directly.

Pop Up Advising Booths

Looking for some personalized advice based on your own study progress? AAO Advisers are always here to help! Do come to have a quick one-on-one Q&A session with our advisers on issues not limited to major / minor selection, but also any topics e.g. setting academic goals, developing academic plans and finding learning support.  NO registration is required, just drop by to engage and get a souvenir!
Date:    17 January – 19 January 2023 (Tuesday – Thursday)
Time:   11:30am – 2:00pm
Venue: Counter area, LG/F Centennial Campus (Opposite of Oliver’s Super Sandwiches)
We look forward to seeing you all in AAO’s “Major Minor Week 2023” in the first week of Semester 2 (16-20 January, 2023)! 
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