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DEI-HKU Exchange 2020
Agra, India & HKU

Quota: 20 Students

Part I: January 2 – 15, 2020
Dayalbagh Educational Institute
Agra, India

In this phase HKU students go to DEI, outside of Agra, to experience the wholistic and self-sustaining community of Dayalbagh Educational Institute ( We will explore the history, culture, arts and crafts , and both the natural and urban environment​ of the three Golden Triangle cities of Agra, Jaipur and New Delhi and collaborate with DEI students on a community engagement project.

Part II: May 22 – 29, 2020
The University of Hong Kong

In this phase, students participate in Part II of the exchange in May and host students from DEI to finish up the joint project and together disseminate it to the wider HKU and Hong Kong community.

You may join this exchange programme on TWO options:

Option A. Join as a non-credit bearing experience

Students may apply for the 1-credit experiential learning on their own
Apply via this online form (non-credit bearing experience only)

Option B. Earn 6-credits in the Common Core’s Global Issues or Arts & Humanities Areas of Inquiry as a Winter & Spring Intensive CC course
In this case you need to fulfill the eligibility requirements:

  1. have successfully completed at least half of the credits required for their CC Curriculum
  2. have completed their CC with grades of C- or above
  3. have not taken a CC Open Platform Course

Students who choose to join the 6-credits option and have fulfilled the above prerequisite requirements should apply to enroll on the course by email to together with a copy of i) academic transcript (student copy); and ii) letter from your home Faculty granting Advanced Standing / Credit Transfer for CC credits (if applicable). Please note that in the event that a student has failed a CCGE, s/he will not be allowed to take another one.

Funding Assistance Available: $4000/student for travel costs, provided by the Gallant Ho Centre for Experiential Learning

Deadline for Applications: November 24

Selection Interview : November 27, 28 (Only apply to those choosing option A)

Selected Candidates Announcement: November 29 (Only apply to those choosing option A)

Pre-trip Orientation: December 14 (whole day)