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Immersion and Internship in Chinese Culture and Traditions (IICCT)
「承傳與探索 – 中國文化體驗學習計劃」


To cultivate a sound understanding of, and commitment to preserving, Chinese culture and traditions among students, and to nurture them as future leaders for Hong Kong, China, and the world who are rooted in Hong Kong, care for the Mainland and possess global vision.


In support of the University’s commitment to provide opportunities for all undergraduates to undertake a meaningful experiential learning experience on the Mainland before graduation (the University’s “One Mainland, One International” initiative), to enable undergraduate students to gain first-hand understanding of Chinese culture and traditions through intensive immersion – by visiting significant historic sites and interacting with ethnic minorities, or undertaking an internship on the Mainland.


A Chinese culture/heritage programme comprising:
  1. cultural immersion and internship (交流考察、文化實習)
  2. cultural heritage (文化承傳)
to achieve four aims:
  1. explore ancient paths for cultural experience (探索古道、體驗文化)
  2. compare the ancient and the new for future endeavours (新舊比較、繼往開來)
  3. experiential learning for intellectual exchange (文化實習∙知識交流)
  4. various cultural workshops for cultural heritage (各類文化工作坊).

Programme Details

Under the “One Mainland, One International” initiative, undergraduate students are provided with opportunities to undertake one meaningful experiential learning activity on the Mainland and one overseas in order to enhance, amongst other things, their pursuit of academic/professional excellence, tackling novel situations, greater understanding of others, intercultural communication and global citizenship, communication and collaboration, and leadership and advocacy for the improvement of the human condition (namely, the educational aims of HKU’s undergraduate curriculum). The IICCT programme will be of particular importance to HKU in providing opportunities for students to gain cultural exposure, and intercultural communication and collaboration on the Mainland.