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Marks of Excellence: Gathering, Analysing and Reporting Direct Evidence of Students’ Learning and Achievements
Seminar 1: The Evidence Challenge

12:30pm – 2:00pm, 3 December 2013 (Tuesday), T5, Meng Wah Complex

description=”Seminar 1: The Evidence Challenge”


Professor Dai Hounsell, Vice-Principal for Assessment and Feedback, University of Edinburgh


Against a background of curriculum transformation in higher education and calls for greater accountability for quality, there is a growing interest, nationally and internationally, in evidence of excellence in students’ learning. Two closely interwoven questions are raised. How can university teachers best use assessment and evaluation to capture the breadth and depth of learning outcomes being demonstrated by students? And how can the students’ distinctive achievements be communicated more widely, within and beyond the campus? The seminar explored these twin questions, with particular reference to recent curriculum change at HKU.


In reviewing the challenges of capturing and communicating evidence of excellence in learning, the seminar:

  • invited participants to explore what kinds of learning-and-assessment opportunities would seem to align well with what types of learning outcomes
  • provided illustrations of such opportunities drawn from real-life course and subject settings in established universities
  • highlighted key steps that need to be followed in designing and implementing valid and robust assessment-for-learning initiatives

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