Tools and Resources of Academic Literacy

The second of two seminars in the English-in-the-Disciplines and Academic Literacy Seminar Series has been held on May 20, 2011. The seminar was jointly organized by the Steering Committee on 4-Year Undergraduate Curriculum, Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES), and Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL).

Professor Ken Hyland, Director of CAES, and three other CAES staff members Dr Lisa Cheung, Mr Patrick Desloge, and Mr Peter Voller spoke at the seminar which focused on exploring various tools and resources that help students achieve academic literacy. In HKU’s new undergraduate curriculum, all English-in-the-Disciplines courses will be supported by web-based and self-access learning resources. Through the use of these tools, students will be able to consolidate their knowledge of academic disciplinary communication in an individualized and targeted manner.

Curriculum Reform Retreat

The Fifth Curriculum Reform Retreat will be held on June 2, 2011 to take stock of the reform progress. All Faculty Deans, Associate and Assistant Deans overseeing undergraduate teaching and learning, programme directors and members of the teaching and learning related committees will gather to deliberate on issues relating to student admissions under the new HKDSE, and the honours classification system.

Programme Rundown

Teaching Excellence Award Scheme

Nominations are now invited for the University Distinguished Teaching Award (UDTA) and the Outstanding Teaching Awards (OTAs) under the Teaching Excellence Award Scheme (TEAS) in 2011.

The TEAS was introduced in 2008 to reaffirm the University’s commitment to recognizing, rewarding and promoting excellence in teaching. A category of Team Award was introduced under OTA in 2010 to recognize and promote collaborative effort and achievements in enhancing Teaching and Learning at the University.

Both UDTA and OTA (Individual Award) are open to all full-time teaching staff of all grades on Terms of Service I with a substantial responsibility for teaching for a continuous period of 3 years in this University. The OTA (Team Award) is open to teaching teams which comprise staff members who can meet the above eligibility requirements for UDTA/OTA (Individual Award).

For details of TEAS, please refer to the circular from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) at the end of this page.

Nominees are encouraged to contact the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) for advice on the preparation of teaching portfolios. Seminars/workshops will be organized by CETL in June and September 2011 to support interested staff members to prepare for their submissions.

All nominations and the supporting documents should reach Ms. Synthia Chau, Academic Development and Quality Assurance Section, by October 28, 2011. Enquiries may be directed to Ms. Chau at 2859 2440 or email to