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European Union sets 20% student mobility target

European Union member governments have agreed that by 2020, an EU average of at least 20% of higher education graduates should have had three months studying or training abroad. Education ministers from the 27 member states adopted conclusions in November, 2011 on the modernisation of higher education with a special emphasis on mobility.

“Learning mobility can help improve the overall quality of education, especially through closer cooperation between educational institutions,” the declaration stated. It can also “help to reinforce a sense of European identity and citizenship”.

Ministers also highlighted steps to strengthen mobility, they include:

  • More systematic inclusion of mobility in curricula, ensuring efficient recognition of credits gained through the ECTS, the Diploma Supplement, quality assurance and the European Qualifications Framework.
  • Elimination of barriers to switching institutions between bachelor and masters degrees and to cross-border cooperation and exchanges.
  • Better access and employment conditions for students and teachers from non-European countries, including reducing administrative difficulties in obtaining visas.
  • Ensuring quality assurance systems cover franchise systems adequately.
  • Promoting higher education institutional cooperation.
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