GHELC E-newsletter Issue 5: Identifying experiential learning opportunities in the community (Part II)


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In this issue, we will continue to share the potential experiential learning opportunities with Faculties. More areas including education, vulnerable children, health and nutrition are on the list for Faculties to consider and discuss. In addition, Faculties are invited to attend our seminar “Evidence of Experiential Learning” by Professor Dai Hounsell on December 6. Professor Hounsell, Vice-Principal for Assessment and Feedback at the University of Edinburgh, will share with us the excellence in experiential learning from his experience in university education research and development. And lastly, the application deadline for the second round of Experiential Learning Fund for 2013-14 is December 20; faculty members are welcome to contact us for discussion of their proposals before submission.

Best regards,

Dr. Albert Ko


Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre
The University of Hong Kong

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