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Knowledge Management & E-Learning (KM&EL)

Message from Faculty of Education (Research Office)

Contents of KM&EL Journal (Indexed by SCOPUS)

Knowledge Management & E-Learning (KM&EL)


Issue Vol.6, No.2

Editorial: Digital systems supporting cognition and exploratory learning in 21st century

D. G. Sampson, D. Ifenthaler, P. Isaias, J. M. Spector

Longitudinal analysis of cognitive constructs fostered by STEM activities for middle school students
R. Christensen, G. Knezek, T. Tyler-Wood, D. Gibson

Implementation of a mobile peer assessment system with augmented reality in a fundamental design course
K.-H. Chao, C.-H. Lan, Dr. Kinshuk, K.-E. Chang, Y.-T. Sung

Math on a sphere: Making use of public displays in mathematics and programming education
M. Eisenberg, A. Basman, S. Hsi

A quantitative analysis of learning object repositories as knowledge management systems
P. Zervas, C. Alifragkis, D. G. Sampson

Regular Papers

Challenges of knowledge sharing in the petrochemical industry
C. W. Chong, J. Besharati

Awareness and use of Web 2.0 technologies in sharing of agricultural knowledge in Tanzania
W. P. Mtega, F. W. Dulle, A. W. Malekani, A. M. Chailla


CFP (Vol.6, No.4)

Special Issue on Smart Cities of the Future: Creating Tomorrow’s Education toward Effective Skills and Career Development Today

Guest Editors

Dr. Fanny Klett (IEEE Fellow)
German Workforce ADL Partnership Laboratory, Germany

Dr. Maggie M. Wang