Leadership for the 31st Century (HKU Summer Leadership Forum with Faculty of Education)
July 6, 2020 (Mon) 5:00pm HKT ⁣

Professor A. Lin Goodwin, Dean, and four alumni from the Faculty of Education will share their recent experience with the COVID-19 pandemic as a context for thinking about leadership for the long haul that transcends the 21st century. The alumni are graduates from our Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Sciences, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Master of Education, and Master of Science in Information Technology in Education programmes, now working in different organisations in and outside Hong Kong. The diversity of their experience will be interesting and insightful to students, teachers, as well as anyone with a heart for education.⁣

**This forum is part of the HKU Summer Leadership Forum series. 10 forums with each of the ten HKU faculty deans will be held in July and August 2020. ⁣

To join the forum, please visit HKU 100 or https://twitter.com/hkuniversity ⁣

For enquiries, please contact the Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) Office at hcm00101@hku.hk.