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Major Minor Week 2021: Sign Up Now (JAN 25-29)

Message from Academic Advising Office of the Registry

Dear Colleagues,

Choosing a major and / or a minor is no doubt one of the most important academic decisions students make in their university education. In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, the “Major Minor Week 2021” would go online this year for students to explore their major / minor options effectively. Colleagues are welcome to refer your students to this event if deemed appropriate:

Opening Talk: “Your Studies and Career: What to Consider”, 12:30 pm, Jan 25 2021 (Monday)

Jointly delivered by AAO and CEDARS (Careers and Placement), this talk will help students understand the relationship between studies and career, study planning tools and how to make suitable study decisions. For details and registration, please go to: .

Faculty-based Sharing Sessions via Zoom
Time: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Details and Registration:
In every late afternoon of the week, AAO will invite senior students and administrators from various Faculties to answer students’ questions on study experiences, requirements, policies and regulations etc. For registration, please click HERE


  • January 25 (Mon): Arts
  • January 26 (Tue): Business and Economics
  • January 27 (Wed): Engineering
  • January 28 (Thu): Science
  • January 29 (Fri): Social Sciences

** For the minors offered by Architecture, Education, Medicine or the Common Core, students can email their questions to or indicate in the registration form. AAO will direct the inquiries to the suitable senior students / administrators**

Other Online Resources
More resources for making major /minor selection are available at the website “How to Select My Major and Minor

For enquiries, please contact us at / 3917 0128 / 5413 6321 (WhatsApp).

Best regards,
Academic Advising Office