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Teaching Excellence Award Scheme 2022

Message from Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance Section of the Registry

Applications are now invited for awards under the Teaching Excellence Award Scheme (TEAS) in 2022.

The TEAS aims to recognise, reward and promote excellence in teaching at the University. Under the Scheme, there are four categories of awards, viz. University Distinguished Teaching Award (UDTA), Outstanding Teaching Award (OTA), Early Career Teaching Award (ECTA) and Teaching Innovation Award (TIA). Besides individual awards, both OTA and TIA comprise team awards to recognise and encourage collaborative effort and achievement in enhancing teaching and learning. Faculties should encourage their teachers with outstanding contributions to teaching and learning to apply for these awards.

The Scheme was reviewed in the past year, and there are changes inter alia to the eligibility and selection criteria as well as application procedures. For further details, please refer to the circular from the Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) at:

CETL has developed a dedicated website ( to provide useful resources for applicants. Applicants are also encouraged to contact their CETL Faculty liaison academics for advice on the preparation of the submission.

All applications should be submitted online, with endorsement, on or before October 24, 2022.