Sabutai Haider, Year 3 Student
Feeding the World

“The content was intensive but not in a way that you had to memorise a lot of things. A lot of different subjects were brought together in a very nice way. There was a lot to study but not a lot that I didn’t know before. I just hadn’t related it or connected it before.”

Rainbow Liu Ching-hung, Year 1 Student
Body, Beauty and Fashion

“This is one of the few courses where you say to your friends, do you know what I learned today? It’s active, social learning. It’s not how well you can memorise concepts, but how you can apply the concepts you learn to your own life.”

Derek Kenneth Ko,Year 3 Student
Sexuality and Gender: Diversity and Society

“The things you learn in this course are applicable to your daily life but you see them in a new light. It’s a knock on the door to stop judging people. You learn to look at the whole person rather than one aspect of them.”

Moe Wang Meng,Year 1 Student
Sexuality and Gender: Diversity and Society

“This course relates to real life and the things happening around us. It’s different from courses which teach knowledge in a more formal way, because it’s more casual and gives us an inside view. Guest lecturers talk about different sexual practices. We’re not told that they’re right or wrong – we have to think for ourselves.”