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3 Campus East Asia Programme

The 3 Campus East Asia Programme is jointly offered by:

  • Japan – Keio Site, Japan
  • Underwood International College, Yonsei University, South Korea
  • Horizons Office, The University of Hong Kong, China

Each institution shall select 5 second-year or above students to undertake one year of study at the 3 campuses, spread across 3 semesters.

Japan – Keio Site

South Korea – Yonsei Site

Hong Kong – HKU Site

3 Campus Consortium

The 3 Campus East Asian Programme has been in operation since its launch in 2008. Through coursework on the three campuses and other co-curricular activities, the program offers an enriched understanding of the dynamic relations among the three key nations of East Asia (Japan, Korea and China) and of the past, present, and possible future relationships between East Asia and the world.

The three host universities – Keio, Yonsei, and HKU – have accepted other leading universities around the world to join the 3-Campus Consortium. In 2014, Princeton University sent 6 students to join a half-year program and the first batch of Princeton University students were in residence on the HKU campus from mid-June to early August 2014. King’s College London, Cornell University, the University of Geneva, and the University of Southern California have followed suit and joined the Consortium.


Details can be accessed via http://oia.yonsei.ac.kr/3campus.

Application for 2020-21 Round

Applications will be invited in early January 2021.

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