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Learning beyond Hong Kong has long been a key feature of undergraduate education at HKU. The University is well-positioned and resourced to open up more in-depth and meaningful opportunities for students to learn beyond Hong Kong. The Academic Development Proposal (ADP) 2016-19 commits the University to the following targets: “By 2019, 50% of all Ugs will engage in at least one learning experience overseas AND one in Mainland China … . We aim to increase this overseas and Mainland China experience for 100% of our students by 2022.”


The University hosts a vast range of mainland and international (ML/INT) learning opportunities, broadly categorized as follows:

  1. Exchange/Visiting
  2. Short-term Study/ Study Trip
  3. Practical Experience
  4. Service Experience
  5. Research Internship
  6. Student-initiated ML/INT Learning Activities


Visiting/ Short-term Study/ Study Trip:

Practice Experience and Internship:

Service Experience:

  • Organized by Faculties: please approach Faculty/ Department Offices for details
  • Organized by CEDARS: http://wp.cedars.hku.hk/web/sd/
  • Organized by Student Societies: please approach Student Societies for details

Research Internship:

Student-initiated ML/INT Learning Opportunities:

Students and student societies are welcome to publicize ML/INT learning opportunities they are organizing on this webpage, please send us your request by completing and returning the proforma at least five working days before the intended advertisement date.


Business & Economics
Social Sciences
China Affairs Office


A number of scholarships and various forms of financial aid are available for students undertaking ML/INT learning opportunities.

Scholarships for Semester Exchange
Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students
Pilot Mainland Experience Scheme
University Financial Assistance (for local students only) – under CEDARS
First-in-the-Family Education Fund (FIF Fund) – under CEDARS


Students are strongly advised to consult the Travel Health Clinic of University Health Service at least 6 weeks before departure to obtain health advice and receive the necessary vaccinations. Please bear in mind that some vaccines need weeks to take effect, and some are given in series. For more information and booking arrangements, please visit: http://www.uhs.hku.hk/he/travel_health/main.html


Students are reminded to undertake comprehensive health, accident, personal property and travel insurances for the entire period of study abroad, especially if they are planning to travel for personal leisure purpose during the study period.

Travel Insurance

All HKU undergraduate students are covered by a group travel insurance undertaken by the University for going on exchange programmes. Total number of travelling days per trip must NOT exceed 180 days. Students can approach the Finance & Enterprises Office to obtain proof of the insurance or log in to HKU Portal account to find out the details via this path: SIS Menu → Financial Services → FEO Info and Hotlines → Finance and Enterprises Office → Insurance Information for Students.

Health Insurance

Students should make sure that they have met the health requirements of the host country before departing. Check out medical insurance coverage with the International Office of the host university. If the coverage is inadequate, or if the host university does not offer a compulsory medical plan, it is advisable to get private medical insurance. Most travel insurances also include a medical coverage for sickness. But make sure about the coverage and limits. Most of the coverage is also strictly on a reimbursement basis.

Additional Insurance

Students who wish to purchase an additional insurance plan to fully cover the whole exchange period may do so at their own expense.

International SOS

The University is partnering with International SOS (Intl.SOS) to provide worldwide emergency support to all HKU students and staff. The Global Assistance Programme offers local expertise, preventative advice and emergency assistance through Intl.SOS network of assistance centres, clinics and health and logistics providers throughout the world.

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