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Addressing SLEQ survey results

Enhancing Student Learning in Problem-based-learning and Clinical Education Curriculum Based on HKUSLEQ Findings


The primary objective of this project was to address the key issues as identified in the HKUSLEQ survey in 2012-13 for the Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences [BSc (SHS)] programme, by initiating and implementing a revamp on the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) curriculum and clinical education of the programme. The project aimed at enhancing student learning experiences in terms of:

  1. competences in tackling novel situations and clinically-based problems;
  2. cultural sensitivity through enriched clinical experiences in multicultural and community-based settings; and
  3. leadership skill, business and service planning skills through collaborative student-initiated activities.

To address these issues, we first identified the gaps in teaching and learning; examined how our curriculum compares to international benchmarks; and collected opinions from teachers, students and other stakeholders. We then proceeded to updating the curriculum via rewriting of PBL cases and identification of new and better PBL and clinical learning materials, followed by an evaluation of the appropriateness and impact of these changes. Although only a few of us were named investigators, every teaching staff in the Division was involved in this project. SETL scores and feedback from stakeholders such as clinical supervisors and students showed positive outcomes.

Principal Investigator

Dr. L.L.N. Wong, Faculty of EducationContact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

December 2015


This project delivered a fully updated curriculum. These changes have already been incorporated using the Moodle, to enhance the delivery of learning materials as well as improve the efficiency of the teaching and learning process. These materials include:

  • New PBL cases that address communication disorders in children and adults from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds
  • An updated Audiology clinical manual
  • An updated Speech Therapy clinical manual
  • An updated external clinical supervisor training package
  • Two new sets of hierarchical clinical skill evaluation forms as tools for formative assessment
  • One clinical skill evaluation form for summative assessment
  • New clinical resource materials for students to use in clinical sessions
  • New master lectures and skills labs
  • An updated guide to documentation and report template for students
  • A modified bridge week program to transition our students from academic learning to clinical practice
  • Materials for training family members to cope with communication and swallowing problems associated with stroke. Family training workshops have been held

As a result of involving students in preparing clinical materials, we have also successfully obtained a HKU 81 Inclusion fund from CEDARS to develop a brochure and a micro-movie describing people with high-functioning autism that promote public acceptance of autism in HK.

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