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Teaching Development Grants (TDG)

Applications for Teaching Development Grant (TDG) 2019

feature-tdgapplyApplications are now invited for the Teaching Development Grant (TDG). TDGs are intended to support projects and activities that will have an impact on the strategic development and promotion of Teaching and Learning (T&L). To ensure alignment of TDG proposals with T&L strategies at Faculty level, Faculties are required to provide matching fund equivalent to one-sixth of the total project cost for a successful TDG proposal submitted by their Faculty members. For priority areas and more details, please refer to Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)’s invitation circular (document 119/319 amended, http://intraweb.hku.hk/reserved_2/cdqa/doc/TDGS/TDG_2019/TDG_List_A_amended.pdf).

All applications should be submitted online via the TDG system, which is accessible through HKU Portal > Manager Self Service > Teaching Development Grant (TDG) > TDG System or through the link below:


A video guide is available here.

TDG applications will be processed in batches according to the following cut-off dates in 2019:

1st round – Thursday, April 18, 2019
2nd round – Friday, October 11, 2019
3rd round – Friday, December 27, 2019

General enquiries may be directed to the following colleagues in the Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance Section of the Registry:

Ms. Katherine Ho (email: kathho@hku.hk; tel: 2219 4997) for Faculties of Architecture, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Science
Ms. Cynthia Wong (email: cynwong@hku.hk; tel: 2241 5535) for other Faculties and units outside Faculties

Questions on technical matters of the TDG system may be sent to Mr. Alex Yi of the Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative (TELI) team (email: tdg@teli.hku.hk; tel: 3917 6197).

TDG Resources Hub

To facilitate sharing of information and deliverables of TDG and Common Core TDG projects at the University, TELI has developed a TDG Resources Hub for colleagues to retrieve information of ongoing and completed projects. The Resources Hub could be accessed via https://tdg.hku.hk/hub/

Progress & Final Report Forms

Completed forms should be sent to Ms. Katherine Ho of CDQA. Enquiries may be directed to her at kathho @ hku.hk or 2219 4997.

Completed TDG Projects (Last updated: Oct 2018)

feature-tdgAcademic Advisory System Assessment and Feedback Common Core Curriculum Curriculum or Pedagogical Innovations Diverse Learning Experience Experiential Learning IT in the Curriculum and e-learning Language Issues Outcomes-based Approach to Student Learning Student Learning Experience and Surveys Student Support Capstone Experience Professional Development Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning Others

Latest Projects

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