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Language enhancement

Blending Academic and Professional Literacies – Developing an English-in-the-Discipline Course for Social Work with Genre Pedagogy


This project aims to develop an English course for academic and professional writing for social work undergraduates to enhance their application of discourse features of different types of social work documents to achieve intended communicative purposes in academic and professional contexts. The specific objectives are to equip students with the skills and linguistic awareness, enabling them to apply their learning to different writing contexts within the discipline. The outcomes of the project include a course framework detailing the descriptions and course rationale, course materials, and online professional vocabulary learning tasks which were revitalised based on the professional word web that was built years ago.

Principal Investigator

Dr. J.C.Y. Lee, Centre for Applied English Studies, Faculty of Arts Contact

Project level

Course-level project

Project Completion

December 2015


  1. A revitalized professional word web for social work students.
  2. A course syllabus and course booklet which covers a range of in-class learning tasks to facilitate written genre analysis and understanding of disciplinary-specific features of social work writing.

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