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Building Capacity for Life-long Learning with Freshmen Students


Life-long learning (LLL) involves the development of skills in critical thinking (CT), effective group process (GP), and self-directed learning (SDL). Recent studies have showed that small group with active interactions is an effective setting for students to develop themselves as independent learners beyond graduation.

A special evaluation of life-long learning process was conducted for a class of freshman Bachelor of Nursing (BN) students divided in small teams within a larger learning group environment. The study aimed to provide insights in improving the curriculum design and teaching, so as to meet the increasing need of education for LLL skills of students in Hong Kong.

A self-assessment tool and Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) were filled in by 99 freshmen students before and after their learning activities in three nursing courses across the first year; and a total of six focus group interviews were conducted with students and teachers of those courses.

Measurements of CT, GP & SDL with the self-assessment did not indicate significant differences but found to be reasonably reliable, which can be used to evaluate and assess the learning and development of students over time in the BN programme. Feedback observed from the qualitative data was both positive and negative. We continue to strike and work collaboratively with students to achieve life-long learning skills and developmental goals within our professional BN programme.

Principal Investigator

Dr. V.C.L. Chiang, School of Nursing, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

August 2008


Chiang, V. C. L., Mak, Y. W., Leung, S. S. K., Chui, C. Y. Y., Leung, A. T. M., & Lee, A. C. K. (2008, June). Building capacity for life-long learning with freshmen students: Opportunities and the ongoing process. International Conference 2008: Healthy People for a Healthy World (oral presentation). Bangkok, Thailand.

Publication (Pre-published version): http://repository.lib.polyu.edu.hk/jspui/bitstream/10397/5128/1/Building%20Capacity%20for%20Life-long%20Learning.pdf