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Logistics Business Case Games for RFID-enabled Real-time Enterprises and Supply Chain


Logistics and supply chain management enabling technologies are developing very rapidly. In order for students to gain solid knowledge in the field, it is timely and necessary to introduce new facilities that facilitate the learning and teaching activities. The aim of this TDG proposal is to integrate RFID-enabled hardware and software facilities recently being developed for real-time logistics and supply chain management through near-life business cases. They are delivered in the form of packaged business games ready for teaching, demonstration and hand-on training. The business case game serves several objectives: (1) To enable students to appreciate and understand the complexity of Supply Chain Management in terms of material and information flows; (2) To demonstrate how enterprises at different layers (retailers at the downstream, distribution center/warehouse at the midstream, and manufacturers at the upstream) of a supply chain make their decisions and interact with each other; (3) To demonstrate how global supply chain works and where SMEs can be integrated into the chain, and how SMEs equip themselves with latest wireless technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to empower the global supply chain.

Principal Investigator

Professor G.Q. Huang, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringContact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

February 2010


  1. Business case reports / papers
  2. Hardware configuration and demonstration plans
  3. Software components used for business case games.
  4. Data sets for different scenarios.