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Experiential Learning Design Studio


This project aims to make experiential learning a formal component of the new 4 year undergraduate curriculum. In addition, the experiential learning program will be implemented into the very first design studio in the second year of the future 4-year curriculum. The design studio is the foundation of study in the architecture program. Currently, experiential learning opportunities are provided for students through internship or summer workshops in the Community Project Workshop of the Faculty of Architecture. Unfortunately these are non-credit bearing and do not involve all students. However the benefits of creating an experiential learning component of the first design studio would allow students to experience real-life architecture situated in a community. The positioning of this program early in the curriculum allows students to anchor future speculative and increasingly theoretical work later on in their studies. It also allows students to come into the discipline with a concrete notion of the role of the discipline in society at large. There are multiple challenges, including logistics, coordination, recurrent funding and the sheer number of students involved. However the benefits are enormous if every student will have engaged working in real life projects with a strong community and social impact at the beginning of their architectural studies.

Principal Investigator

Mr. J.C.H. Lin, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

August 2012


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