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Addressing SLEQ survey results

Confronting the Challenges of Biochemistry Teaching and Learning in the Medical Curriculum


We have developed and validated a comprehensive set of questionnaire. Using this tailor-made survey instrument, 771 questionnaires were returned from 1100 administrations in a two year cohort. It has been effective for identifying students’ preference of learning mode, as well as their perception of biochemistry topics and content in the curriculum design.

Based on the findings of our survey, a Biochemistry Toolkit framework has been set up in an e-Hub to construct both teaching and learning resources. So far, through scaffold of constructional instructions, one cohort of medical students participated in our trial run of a blended teaching strategy in the classroom where student-centered cooperative and peer learning activities were emphasized and enhanced by both verbal and on-line interactions. Encouragingly, we received positive feedbacks from students for their new classroom experiences.

Taken together, these deliverables have wide and generic applicability. For example, the survey instrument is reusable for new student cohorts and it can be easily adaptable by sister institutions and programmes locally and internationally. Our trial run tested student-centred classroom strategies with the E-platform aids can be sharable resources for fellow teachers. Similarly, the establishment of the Biochemistry Toolkit serves as the basis for further incorporations of innovative teaching and learning resources.

Principal Investigator

Professor M.H. Sham, Department of Biochemistry, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

February 2014


  1. Roadmap the development of a toolkit for medical biochemistry curriculum innovation in the MBBS and B. Nursing programmes Download
  2. The diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses of medical and nursing students in their understanding of biochemistry concepts Download
  3. Implementations of potentially good ideas in lesson deliveries and feedbacks obtained Download
  4. Evaluation of the MBBS-SETL and HKUSLEQ results for 2012-13 Download
  5. Experience sharing in local or internationally organized workshop and conference Download
  6. The survey instruments Download