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Development of New Versions of HKU Japanese Language Standards and Moodle-Integrated Multimedia Self-Assessment Tools for Students


Seven teachers of Japanese in the SMLC’s Japanese Language program developed HKU Japanese Language Standards (HKU JLS) in 2011 for the 8-levels of required Japanese courses. The Japanese team intended to optimize the standards’ potential and extend its educational benefits to students’ self-assessment and learning. In this project, the team examined the 2011 version of the HKU JLS in relation to classroom implementations and assessment, wrote new versions of the curriculum for teachers and for students, and created Moodle-integrated multimedia self-assessment tools for students that are aligned with the revised HKU JLS.

Principal Investigator

Dr. M. Yorozu, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Faculty of ArtsContact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

November 2013


  • HKU JLS 2012-13 (for teachers)Download
  • HKU JLS 20 12-13 (for students)Download
  • Moodle-integrated multimedia self-assessment tools for studentsDownload
  • Online questionnaire to gather student opinions on the first version of the self-assessment toolDownload
  • Conference presentation “Achieving higher proficiency levels in Japanese language learners” in the 9th International Symposium on Oral Proficiency Interview. Nov. 2013, Chinese University of Hong Kong.