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Capstone Design Project in Transition to 4-year Undergraduate Curriculum


In the 3-3-4 curriculum reform in 2012, the new BEng programmes are expected not only to fulfil the Outcomes-Based Approaches to Student Learning and the capstone experience required by the University, but also to satisfy the graduate attributes specified by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers for accreditation of BEng programmes. However, it is simply not possible to include all the key areas of knowledge in civil engineering in the taught core courses. Capstone Design Project which utilizes the Problem-Based Learning approach and promotes student-centered active learning is thus expected to be a viable solution that addresses this issue. A pilot programme that enabled a smooth transition from the design projects in the 3-year curriculum to the Capstone Design Project in the 4-year curriculum was implemented. Students joining the Capstone Design Project worked on real-life civil engineering projects and took part in the entire process ranging from the feasibility stage, through stages of conceptual and detailed design, and finally to planning for project implementation. Students could utilize the consultation sessions and digital resource center to learn by themselves. The basic infrastructure for the design project has been set up, which promotes active self-learning in the capstone experience.

Principal Investigator

Professor F.T.K. Au, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringContact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

January 2015


  1. A framework for capstone experience in professional curricula with special emphasis on application to real-life projects
  2. Ensuring compliance of programme outcomes prescribed by professional institution
  3. A Digital Resource Centre of good practices in active learning and assessment for engineering programmes (http://civil8.hku.hk/cdp_drc) [For parties interested in accessing the website for viewing, please contact Professor Francis T.K. Au via email francis.au@hku.hk]
  4. Disseminated findings in an international journal Download