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IT in the curriculum and e-learning

Systemic ILN Integration into Faculty of Education Learning and Teaching Programmes


The project focused on the design and use of the Faculty of Education single Learner Management System (LMS), the Interactive Learning Network (ILN). This TDG aimed to promote and enhance collaborative and community building use of ILN in Faculty teaching programmes through identifying needs and the potential role of ILN; identifying and sharing examples of good practice in collaborative learning and community building using ILN within Faculty programmes; and identifying and making changes to the ILN environment, administration and management to meet ongoing programme needs. Work within the TDG led to improvements in the administrative set up and pedagogic use of ILN in the Faculty, notably in the Doctor of Education, and aspects of English Language Education courses and Master of Information Technology in Education programme. The discussions with and the sharing of examples of systemic good practices in using ILN with the Programme Directors led to an increased awareness of the value of ILN to support teaching and learning.

Principal Investigator

Dr. R.M.K. Fox, Associate Professor, and Programme Director, MSc[ITE], Faculty of Education during this TDG project

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

September 2008


  • Publications:
    1. Fox, R., Yuen, A., Evers, C. Lau, H. F., & Deng, L.P. (2007). Faculty perceptions of ICT benefits. In P. Tsang, R. Kwan, & R. Fox (Eds), Learning Through Technology (pp. 1-10).New Jersey: World Scientific Publishing; and
    2. Fox, R., & Trinidad, S. (2007). Frameworks for improving technology enhanced learning. In P. Tsang, R. Kwan, & R. Fox (Eds), Learning Through Technology (pp. 68-81). New Jersey: World Scientific Publishing.
  • Sample systemic good practices of how ILN is used in the MSc[ITE] programme were shared with the Programme Directors.  Sample features of this systemic integrated use are provided in Trinidad, S., & Fox, R. (2007).  But did they learn? In S. Frankland (Ed.), Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment: Deriving an appropriate model (pp. 382-391). The Netherlands: Springer.
  • Show and tell sessions of good practices in using ILN, open to Faculty and the HKU community were given as part of the CITE seminar series and at the Transforming Learning through Technology Symposium 2008 conference held at HKU – http://itsymposium.cite.hku.hk and notably the presentation entitled: ‘Identifying the barriers to effective ILN integration into teaching programmes‘
    Angie H.Y. Sun, Robert Fox, Allan H.K.Yuen – http://itsymposium.cite.hku.hk/abstract.html