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IT in the Curriculum & e-Learning

Technology Enhanced Tools for Large Class Engagement and Assessment for Learning


This project had developed a new activity module in Moodle to provide a user-friendly tool for teachers to collect, mark, give feedback and redistribute the marked assignments to students in an effective way though using tablet PC. It facilitated real-time in-class assessment for large class and provided an efficient and effective channel for giving feedback for students so as to monitor any learning difficulties. Teachers can draw and write feedback and share in class or send back to the students with a pen-based environment. Some analytical and statistical tools were also developed in this TDG project which helped teachers diagnose students’ prior skills and abilities, providing feedback for them to adjust the curriculum or provide additional assistance accordingly. The system was used by many teachers and students from different faculties, for example in a few pilot courses ELEC2815, EMEE6002, ELEC6098, CCHU9019, CCGL9011, MATH1851.

Principal Investigator

Dr. W.W.T. Fok, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringContact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

October 2014


    1. New features in the iClass LMS platform: Peer review function, Interactive quiz, On-line assignment submission with pen-based feedback, Learning Analytic module http://hku.iclass.hk
    2. A report of trials in the following courses: Download
      • i) ELEC2815 Economics, Finance and Marketing for Engineers
      • ii) EMEE6002 Sustainability and Climate Change
      • iii) ELEC6098 e-Commerce
      • iv) CCHU9019 From Health to Well-being
      • v) CCGL9011 Globalization and the News Media
      • vi) MATH1851 Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations
    3. Published three papers in international conferences:
      • i) W.Fok, J.Lam, “Mobile Technologies for in-class Interaction and Assessment for Learning”, CITE Research Symposium 2013~ Transformative Technologies, Learning Environments and Partnerships. (http://citers2013.cite.hku.hk/en/index.htm), 10-11 May 2013, Hong Kong
      • ii) W.W.T. Fok, C.K.C. Chan, “iClass Assessment – A pen-based assessment and feedback platform” The 13th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies ICALT2013, July 2013, Beijing, China
    4. A workshop was organized with CETL to train colleagues how to use iClass for assessment and interactive class.
    5. A few on-line video tutorials had also been produced and uploaded to the project website so as to teach teachers how to use iClass for interactive teaching and assessment (Item 2 above)
    6. Presented this project to the UGC consultant during the visit for reviewing TDGs in February 2014.
    7. Published two books for sharing the cases trial in different faculties: