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A New Instrument for Evaluating Public Health Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Process


Project Objective: To develop and validate an instrument to assess the effectiveness of public health undergraduate teaching and learning in a medical curriculum.

Methods: Students’ focus groups were convened to check for comprehensibility and relevance of the preliminary questionnaire that was derived from the literature review assessing the PH core competences. Final confirmation of the face and content validity was obtained from the review panel with expertise in psychometrics, evaluation and measurement. Exploratory factor analysis and the test-retest reliability were performed for the questionnaire refinement and to test stability of the instrument.

Outcome: New validated instrument was developed with five identified factors: public health teaching (Factor 1), anticipated behavior (Factor 2), future use of evidence in practice (Factor 3), application of public health to practice (Factor 4), and public health skills (Factor 5). The five factors jointly accounted for 72.05 % of the total variance.

Conclusion: New instrument will help to evaluate the scholarship of Public Health teaching and learning and Public Health pedagogy.

Principal Investigator

Dr. D. Vackova, School of Public Health, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

March 2015


  1. Validated instrument for measuring achievements of public health outcomes in undergraduate medical curricula
  2. Dissemination of our experience with designing and validating the questionnaire
  3. Evaluation of current undergraduate MBBS integrated PH programme
  4. Source of information for the quality improvement of Public Health undergraduate courses
  5. Instrument will help to assess the changes in students’ perception about Public Health after being gradually exposed to various Public Health courses across the medical curriculum
  6. The PH evaluation instrument has a potential of being used in other PH undergraduate courses for BNursing, BBioMed, BChinMed and BPharm students