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Development of a New Online Course on Core Logical Concepts in Analytic Philosophy


The original objective of the project was to develop a set of learning material on technical concepts and formal methods in philosophy, to be used in an online philosophy course. Special exercises and problem sets were developed, and a trial course was offered using the material. The course was popular and successful with an above-average course effectiveness score. Students also praised the course during a student-staff consultation meeting. However, students indicated that they prefer a course with lectures and tutorials rather than a purely online course, given the level of difficulty of the material. In light of the feedback, the course has been added to the Philosophy Department syllabus, but will combine lectures and tutorials with online learning.

Principal Investigator

Dr. J.Y.F. Lau, School of Humanities (Philosophy), Faculty of ArtsContact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

October 2015


A set of supplementary teaching material, PowerPoint files, assessment material and group assignments were produced. Please contact Dr. J.Y.F. Lau, School of Humanities (Philosophy), Faculty of Arts by email (jyflau@hku.hk) if you are interested in obtaining more information on this project.