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Evaluation and Revision of the Academic Vocabulary Moodle for the Core University English Course (CUE)


This TDG project aimed to evaluate and revise the Academic Vocabulary Moodle site, which is a key out-of-class learning component of the Core University English (CUE) course, through online questionnaires and focus group interviews spanning from January 2014 to July 2015. The data collected have shed important light on a few key areas for how the Moodle site can be improved to enhance students’ self-access learning of academic vocabulary and development of vocabulary learning strategies. Changes to the Moodle site based on students’ feedback have been implemented in the following areas: (1) enhancing recycling and revision of vocabulary previously learnt; (2) introducing vocabulary in the context of reading texts; (3) eliminating tasks which students found frustrating to complete; and (4) increasing task variety and introducing more tasks that encourage higher-order thinking.

Principal Investigator

Ms. L.S.W. Chan, Centre for Applied English Studies, Faculty of Arts Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

July 2015


  • A summary of outcomes of this project which includes: Download
    1. Quantitative data
      Results from a questionnaire placed at the end of Units 2 – 9 on the Moodle site
      Results from the CUE Course Quality Questionnaire (CQQ)
    2. Qualitative data
      Feedback from focus group interviews with students
    3. Revision of the CUE Academic Vocabulary Moodle
      Revisions were made to the CUE Academic Vocabulary Moodle during summer 2014 based on the data collected.