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Effective Transition between Introductory Courses and Advanced Courses – A Promise to Curriculum Continuity in Physics Study


The 4-year undergraduate curriculum was launched at HKU in September 2012. The introductory physics courses were offered in 2012 and 2013 for the first two cohorts respectively. Students’ feedbacks in the evaluation reports (SETL) became important reference when we started to conceive the advanced courses. In the physics curriculum, there are four main streams in the advanced courses and they are the pillars of the subject. Obviously, from either sides of teachers and students, we both agree that a smooth transition from the introductory courses to advanced courses is essential in the curriculum development. This project focuses on the curriculum development of advanced courses in physics study while curriculum continuity is upheld. The outcomes include the course materials of PHYS3350 Classical Mechanics, PHYS3351 Quantum Mechanics, PHYS3450 Electromagnetism, and PHYS3550 Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics, etc. The project also echoes with the university’s strategy such that students can access the materials and interact with the instructors through the innovative e-learning platform Moodle. In order to learn the effectiveness of the newly developed advanced courses based on curriculum continuity, we have launched various ways to collect comments from students.

Principal Investigator

Professor K.S. Cheng, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

September 2015


  1. The final report of this project (upon request)
  2. The teaching materials of new courses are available in the Moodle site. Interested parties in the HKU community are welcome to access the materials upon request.
    • PHYS3350 Classical mechanics [Section 1A, 2014]
    • PHYS3351 Quantum mechanics [Section 1A, 2014]
    • PHYS3450 Electromagnetism [Section 2A, 2014]
    • PHYS3550 Statistical mechanics & thermodynamics [Section 2A, 2014]
    • PHYS3350 Classical mechanics [Section 2A, 2015]
    • PHYS3350 Classical mechanics [Section 2A, 2015]
    • PHYS3351 Quantum mechanics [Section 2A, 2015]
  3. Course Details of PHYS3350 Classical Mechanics
  4. Course Details of PHYS3351 Quantum Mechanics
  5. Course Details of PHYS3450 Electromagnetism
  6. Course Details of PHYS3550 Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics
  7. A Sample of the Student Survey Form (upon request)
  8. Please contact Professor K.S. Cheng, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science (hrspksc@hku.hk) if you are interested in obtaining more information on this project.