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Experiential Learning

Promoting Experiential Learning as an Undergraduate Elective


The project promotes experiential learning in the Faculty of Education by supporting, monitoring, evaluating and refining the implementation of an undergraduate elective on experiential learning. As the dialectic relationship between knowing and doing has been acknowledged as foundational to the University’s undergraduate curriculum reform, the project explored how experiential learning can be further integrated into undergraduate curricula at the Faculty and closely examined the experiences of participants and University lecturers during the implementation of an experiential learning elective. Through the project, we provided crucial administrative support to the delivery of this experiential learning elective, evaluated key stakeholders’ (e.g. students and University lecturers) personal/professional growth, and refined assessment activities to further enhance students’ learning. With critical engagement with these experiences and the course implementation process, we have also identified room for further improvement so that experiential learning can be firmly incorporated into the undergraduate curricula as an integral part within the Faculty of Education.

Principal Investigator

Dr. X. Gao, Faculty of Education Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

February 2016


  1. Experiential Learning Assessment activities and rubrics Download
  2. A published report on the project Download
  3. Two sample student project videosDownload