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Out of Classroom E-learning with Moodle


This project aims to provide one-on-one workshop with revision of concepts, walking through examples, hands-on exercises, and self-assessment. All these come with instant feedback, helping students to continue learning outside classroom anytime anywhere.

An interactive cross-platform web was created and piloted in Moodle for the first year course “Computer Programming and Applications”. The screen design is automatically scalable to fit with any portable devices. This flexibility encourages students to engage in learning anytime anywhere. Besides, in-depth explanations and examples provide a solid foundation for student to learn and revise key concepts. It was observed that questions rose during tutorials focus more on problem solving instead of basic understanding of key concepts. Face-to-face consultation is thus effectively used.

Students appreciated this E-learning platform and a lot of them found it useful to supplement their out-of-classroom learning. From Moodle usage data collected, majority of students who were actively engaged in the E-learning platform (within a week after a topic is taught) obtained very good final score. This reinforces the saying “practice makes perfect”.

Principal Investigator

Dr. M.M.Y. Choy, Faculty of Engineering Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

June 2015


  1. Learning Pattern Download
  2. Interactive web in Moodle: http://moodle.hku.hk/course/view.php?id=27608
  3. Teaching materials of 11 lectures Download