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Experiential Learning

Developing Experiential Learning in Astronomy


Experience gained from hands-on experiments is a key element in the learning process. Astronomy, like many science subjects, is fundamentally based on observations and experiments. It is therefore ideally suited for experiential learning. This project aims to develop new laboratory modules to provide students with hands-on experience in astronomy courses. This offers comprehensive learning activities and an active learning environment for students to enhance their learning experience.

We have developed three new observing laboratories using the telescope facilities in the Department of Physics: two employ the optical telescope and one uses the radio telescope, and two new data analysis laboratories using observational data from NASA’s X-ray telescope. These new laboratories have been made publicly available to benefit astronomy teaching to the community as a whole.

To evaluate the effectiveness of this project, we conducted a questionnaire survey. It was found that students appreciated these laboratories and think the experience help achieving the learning outcomes.

Principal Investigator

Dr. S.C.Y. Ng, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

May 2016



  • Measuring the Parallax of an Asteroid
  • Measuring the Height of Lunar Craters
  • Measurement of Galactic Rotation Curve
  • Cas A: The Expanding Remnant of a Supernova Explosion
  • 3C273: A Supermassive Black Hole at the Edge of the Universe