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Developing More Engaging E-learning Content to Support Flipped Classrooms in CAES9920: Academic Communication for Business and Economics


This project investigated methods of developing online video ‘mini-lectures’ to support a flipped classroom approach in the teaching of English in the discipline to second-year undergraduate students from the Faculty of Business.   The project investigated a range of video genres and subsequently produced a series of 10 ‘whiteboard’ style videos which were embedded in SCORM packages for distribution in Moodle.   Each of these videos was quite short (only about 5 minutes) and incorporated both diagrams being drawn and images of papers being marked up thus allowing for more engaging explanations of difficult concepts which could be visually illustrated as well as the ability to discuss and highlight exemplar texts to illustrate language features.   The videos were entirely computer generated allowing for subsequent modifications to be made based on feedback.   To gauge student progress and engagement the SCORM package asked students to respond to a basic comprehension question and a production task after watching each of the mini-lectures.   Class teachers could subsequently see student progress through the response to these questions.

Principal Investigator

Mr. P.D. Desloge, Centre for Applied English Studies, Faculty of Arts Contact

Project level

Course-level project

Project Completion

February 2016