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Exploring the Use of Exemplars


The objectives of this TDG project were to identify teacher and student perspectives on exemplar use; develop good practices of exemplar use; and promote dialogic use of exemplars. It involved nine teachers from the Faculty of Education experimenting with different modes of exemplar-based pedagogy in their undergraduate and taught postgraduate classes with the aims of acquainting students with assessment requirements and enhancing their learning experiences. The students appreciated the use of exemplars in unpacking assessment standards, improving their performance and demonstrating the links between course learning outcomes and assessment tasks.

The major recommendations on productive use of exemplars include (i) assigning students a preparatory task prior to exemplar analysis to develop their ownership in the assessment process and to discourage copying from exemplars and (ii) engaging students in peer and teacher-student exemplar discussion to develop their understanding of quality, evaluative judgements and criticality for positive transfer of strategies. The quality of teacher-led discussion is one of the keys to productive student learning from exemplars.

Principal Investigator

Professor D.R. Carless, Faculty of Education Contact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

March 2017